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September 05 2013


Foreign Military Sales

Miscellaneous Vehicular - In the world we live in today, we have to make sure our allies are strong and that the number of allies continues to grow. Without this, we may be alone in war and countries will continue to grow hostile, distrusting, and dangerous until we have few to no friendly neighbors left. The government understands this need, which is why we have foreign military sales. This is the sale of weapons, services, and training to countries so that their militaries can improve. So far, there is a large number of countries accepted into this program and it will continue to grow as we see new chances open up. When a country does show promise or there is an interest there, the government can approve them as a country eligible for these services and purchases.
 Miscellaneous Vehicular - The reason we do this is simple, growth. Now, this is growth in several ways. There is the growth of our allies, adding to our overall protection and reducing the risk of problems arising, as well as financial growth. Since these are sales, we do make money from this. This is a large amount of money, too. The defense sales for this are around 65 billion dollars, a lot of money added to our economy. This is a major boost for us all around, giving us more growth as a country. We can avoid international as well as economic issues more easily with this, all while being better preparing for any problem in the future.
Of course, just because FMS gives us greater opportunities that does not mean just anyone is welcome to participate. Giving any country access to our weapons, training, knowledge, and services is dangerous. It would be us putting weapons in the hands of our enemies, putting our own people in danger. This is why there is a process of acceptance and the government has to approve countries before sales or services are allowed. There are already countries all across the world that are approved to participate in this and that number continues to grow.
It should be noted that not every country is part of this. The United States is not the only major country out there, and others have their own training and buy the weaponry themselves. You will find that many Western countries do go about things in their own way, choosing to buy directly from manufacturers and creating their own training programs. Since there are many developed countries in the world, it is not necessary for this to be a worldwide thing. Nonetheless, FMS is still used with many countries across the globe and has done a lot of good for them and us.
The DOD has FMS for a reason. We need the international and economic growth that this provides, and those countries need the military strength. This helps to protect civilians while also adding to what we are capable of achieving. This is a huge boost added to our economy and international relationships that cannot be replaced or replicated in many other ways.

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